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Disclaimer & Release

To the extent permitted by the law, Client’s remittance of the initial retainer fee, and/or payment in full, will serve to release and hold harmless, Heather Daube, The Hasty Bride LLC, and all of its subcontractors from and against any claims, suits, liens, judgments, damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable legal fees arising in connection with the planning and execution of any services provided by The Hasty Bride LLC.  The Hasty Bride LLC cannot and does not guarantee the weather, or other force majeure (acts of nature), the availability of wedding venues managed by the State or National Park System, nor any products or services provided on The Hasty Bride LLC’s website as complimentary recommendations.  These recommendations include, but are not limited to lodging accommodations and various activities to enjoy while in the Eastern Panhandle or another location within the United States.  The Hasty Bride LLC does guarantee your satisfaction with all the services provided in the Package you purchase.  Some exceptions may apply, but would need to be approved in writing, between the parties, prior to the wedding.  At its sole discretion, The Hasty Bride LLC reserves the right to cancel and refund any payments (if applicable) for any scheduled elopement, wedding or vow renewal deemed problematic, and/or not compatible with The Hasty Bride’s services, or its vendor's services. 

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Cancellation Policy/Terms & Conditions 

Cancellation Policy: 

In order to book your ceremony and reserve your desired wedding date, a 50% non-refundable retainer is required at booking. The initial retainer is utilized to book wedding vendors in advance of your ceremony.  Many vendors, such as photographers, florists, bakers, etc. require non-refundable deposits to book their services.  The initial retainer prevents any losses incurred to Heather Daube of The Hasty Bride LLC.  Please note that the second half of payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the ceremony.  If you are requesting an expedited ceremony (to occur within a 30-day window), full payment is required at booking. 

In the event an unforeseen emergency occurs, the couple may reschedule their ceremony and The Hasty Bride LLC will do everything in its power to accommodate the couple and reschedule services accordingly for the new booking.  However, please note that any outstanding payments must be paid in full before the new date is booked and any rescheduling of services is completed.  Applicable rescheduling fees may be applied. 


Refund Schedule: 

31+ days prior to the ceremony: The initial retainer, which is 50% of the total service agreement, is non-refundable. However, any additional funds paid outside of the initial retainer shall be refunded.

30-0 days prior to the ceremony: No refund, payment is due in full if any of the remaining balance is outstanding. 


Officiant Services/Civil Ceremonies: All cancellations of services will forfeit the initial 50% retainer. If you have received a draft of your Wedding Vows, regardless of the number of days before your wedding, no refunds will be given.  


Elopement Packages: All cancellations of services must be received 31 days prior to the scheduled ceremony for any type of refund of scheduled services.  All cancellations forfeit the initial retainer, and any permit/add-on fees (if applicable).  The Hasty Bride LLC is not responsible and cannot be held liable for third party services referred by The Hasty Bride LLC, pertaining to a couple's cancellation.  It is the couple's responsibility to contact these third-party vendors and cancel their service (lodging, catering, venues, etc.).

Rescheduling or Downgrading of Services Schedule:

A $50 fee will be charged per each service cancelled or downgraded.  This fee applies to any couple who decides to cancel a service within their contracted services in correlation with the cancellation policy deadlines.

If a rental/permit fee is required for the couple's desired wedding location, rescheduling at any time will require a new rental/permit fee for the new date/time and the original rental/permit will be forfeited. 


Cancellation after rescheduling original ceremony:

If you wish to reschedule your ceremony during the non-refundable period, The Hasty Bride LLC will do all it can to accommodate you.  If a couple decides to reschedule their wedding, the balance of the original contract must be paid in full to book the new date.  If a couple reschedules and later decides to cancel their new date, no refund will be given for any reason.

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